Supreen is built with a backbone of reliability and performance. It is designed to withstand the demands of the places and spaces where life hits hardest, with performance specifications exceeding contract industry standards. It is engineered to withstand bleach, many cleaners and disinfectants, to keep your furniture clean and safe.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Take a closer look at the facts and figures.

Supreen Performance Standards

Supreen™ Liquid Barrier fabrics are engineered for Performance. Supreen minimum standards exceed ACT (Association for Contract Textiles) voluntary guidelines.

Performance Standard Test Method ACT Performance Guideline Supreen™ Minimum Performance Standard
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4157 Wyzenbeek (#10 Cotton Duck) 30,000 Double Rubs 100,000 Double Rubs
Hydrostatic Pressure (Suter) Test AATCC 127-2013 Not Required 270.0+ cm (Maximum)
Bleach Resistance ACT TM 1-2020 Not Required Class 4 Minimum
Seam Slippage ASTM D4034 25 lbs. Minimum in warp and weft 40 lbs. Minimum in warp and weft
Pilling Resistance ASTM D3511 Class 3 Minimum Class 4 Minimum
Breaking Strength ASTM D5034 50 lbs. Minimum in warp and weft 50 lbs. Minimum in warp and weft
Colorfastness to Crocking AATCC 8 Dry Crocking, Grade 3 Minimum Wet Crocking, Grade 3 Minimum Dry Crocking, Grade 4 Minimum Wet Crocking, Grade 4 Minimum
Colorfastness to Light AATCC 16 Option 1 or 3 40 hours (Grade 4 Minimum) 40 hours (Grade 4 Minimum)
Flammability CAL TB 117-13 Pass Pass

*ACT® Registered Certification Marks