Supreen is an innovative performance upholstery fabric, made in an innovative production process. Supreen is more than just a layering of advanced materials, but thanks to a proprietary process utilizing cutting-edge technology, silicone, polyester textile, and performance polyurethane layers are permanently embedded in and to one another, making a true composite material.

See how Supreen is made here:

Woven Polyester Fabric

The fabric is woven to the highest performance specifications, to ensure seam strength, abrasion resistance, and pilling resistance.


Dyeing brings the fabric to life. It can be dyed in a rainbow of colors, with a variety of tonal effects possible for special visual appeal.


The fabric is purified in a proprietary, patented process which removes 99.9% of all contaminants, such as dirt and oil from production.

Silicone Solution

The fabric is bathed in a silicone solution, during which the silicone is embedded into the fiber and merges with the fabric. This does not affect the appearance or texture of the fabric.

Embedded Polyurethane Backing

A high-performance polyurethane film is thermo-bonded to the fabric, without the use of any adhesives or solvents. This polyurethane backing weaves itself into the fabric, creating a new, composite material.


Supreen: a soft, supple performance fabric that blocks liquids and resists stains.